Our Story


Two sisters bonded by their shared experiences, including what it means to have melanin-rich skin. Our brown skin is beautiful, but this also means we have experienced adult acne, oily skin, hyperpigmentation, and more. We grew tired of trying to cover it up—from being embarrassed at work and in pictures (damn those smartphone cameras!), to hearing the horrid words “Accutane.” We decided to create our own skincare product. During our research stage we realized it was difficult to find a brand that “got us.” So we decided to take a crack at it ourselves, and create a skincare brand that develops melanin-first products. This means that during our product development process we prioritize the skincare challenges of melanin-rich skin. 

At B|A we want you to feel seen and heard, because we know the struggle can be REAL. That's why we're redefining beauty on our own terms. So join us, and let's cultivate a community of self-love, radical acceptance, and endless growth. 

Together we can REDEFINE BEAUTY with every drop.